Journey Update: To Quit or Not to Quit

Il faut toujours viser la lune, car même en cas d’échec, on atterrit dans les étoiles. ~Oscar Wilde (Always aim for the moon, then even if you fail, you’ll be among the stars.) To QUIT: It's a simple four-letter word that causes us an insane amount of distress, not to mention, disapproval from our mothers … Continue reading Journey Update: To Quit or Not to Quit

The Thing about Languages

Imagine walking into a café in Japan and hearing your native language. Today is my two week anniversary à Paris. In this time, I've learned one valuable lesson: My French is shite. No, it really is. Even after studying it for 12 years (6 of them compulsory), I was not prepared for comprehending (let alone engaging … Continue reading The Thing about Languages