Journey Update: Proud & Panicking

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

John Lennon

Last week, life turned a little brighter. I had a series of job interviews with a host of cafes in Paris, thanks to and coffeepeoplefrance, and there was one barista possibility that particularly caught my eye.

But here’s the catch: I need to renew my visa before they give me a job offer.

So now, the panic ensues. It’s me versus the French government, and time is not on my side. In fact, I have 22 days to renew it before it expires.

I have most of the paperwork in order:

  1. passport
  2. visa
  3. residence card
  4. photo id
  5. birth certificate (sent by my ma via xpress post. Merci, mama!)
  6. health insurance
  7. bank statement
  8. CV & lettre de motivation

[By the way, I’ve never been so thankful of being Canadian as I am now. When applying for a French visa, all documents need to be officially translated into French. Newsflash: Canada is a bilingual country, which means documents are automatically written in English & French, saving me a ton of time and money.]

The last thing that is creating the most panic is securing an appointment with the Prefecture de Police (i.e., immigration office) to give them my paperwork. My housemate and I tried calling and emailing, but haven’t received a response. I guess the last resort is to show up without an appointment and see what happens.

Fingers crossed.

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