Belgians: People So Cool, Snow in the Middle of Spring Doesn’t Faze Them

What does this have to do with cafés? Absolutely nothing. I just want to write about the awesome people of Belgium.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of revisiting one of my favorite places in the world with the effervescent, Kotori: When you think of Belgium, what comes to mind? Probably their gastronomical cuisine: steak, frites, waffles, chocolate, and of course beer. IMG_2868

But when I think of Belgium, I can’t help but smile in admiration because Belgium just so happens to be the residence of the world’s coolest people! Let me tell you 10 reasons why:

  1. Their French is on fleek. If you ever want to learn French, it’s easier to learn with a Belgian for the simple reason that they enunciate clearly. Spend one week in France and then, go to Belgium. You’ll hear the difference. Or check out this [really really hot] guy’s channel: Un Francais En BelgiqueFullSizeRender (1)space
  2. Sun, wind, rain, and snow in the same hour? No problem. It won’t stop le Belge from attending an outdoor carnival with only a light spring jacket and an umbrella in hand. Don’t believe me? Check out the snow at Costumés de Venice aux Jardin d’Annevoie here.IMG_2861
  3. Belgium boys are known for driving too fast. So much so that some commercial cars are illegal in Belgium. Par exemple: Nissan Skyline GT-R. After driving with a few Belgian friends, I COMPLETELY understand why this is the case. The smell of burnt rubber permeates the air. But if you’re into the whole bad boy thing… (●♡∀♡) James_Dean space
  4. There’s a countryside lovin’ soul inside every city slicker. They need the best of both worlds and Belgium sufficiently provides. IMG_2864 space
  5.  They know good music. I’ve never received as much sympathy as telling my Belgian friends that I went to a techno club in Paris. Le Belge know all the best underground DJs no matter the genre: techno, electro, trap, hardcore, house, etc. Also, did you know that adding dubstep to any music makes it 100x better? Look up reggae dubstep. Do it! Or click hereIMG_2446 space
  6. They are weird and it’s ok. My dearest Kotori (introduced to me by the ever-beautiful Yuka) is a collector of all things Burlesque, Pinup, Lolita, Golden 30’s, and 50’s Rockabilly. But that’s not even the best part. She has the biggest, sweetest, kindest, most generous heart. Typically when my favorite clothes don’t fit anymore, I’ll hold on to them just for the memories. I think most of us do this, not wanting to part with things that bring us happiness. When Kotori’s beautifully themed clothes don’t fit anymore, she gives them away because “I want to share the joy that these clothes bring rather than let them collect dust in my closet.” She’s a selfless giver. A rare thing to behold in this day & time.
  7. Vintage shops! Oh my! It’s no big deal for Belgians to see clothes from the Fabulous 50s, Swingin’ 60s, and Disco 70s in their vintage shops. Any clothes from 80s and after is considered too modern. Check out the phenomenal collection at Gabriele Vintage in Brussels.                   . gabriel vintage space
  8. They are super adorable when they are miffed. If you ever want to see them lose their sh*t, say “Yes, I know Stromae. He’s a French singer,” which will be followed by the longest “no” you’ve ever heard. (*´艸`*) What else not to say: here.
  9. Celebrity culture means nothing to them. Their “celebrities” (i.e., musicians, actors, sports players) take the metro and go the supermarket just like everyone else. To them, it’s just a job.
  10. The best reason of all. Their sense of humor is amaranthine: a limitless source of jest, which extends past hatred and political correctness, and unites the nation. Since the terrorist attacks on March 22, Belgium’s tourism has come to a crushing halt and as a result, Brussels has become a ghost town. Many shops and restaurants have closed their doors and either moved away or cease to exist, and consequently, the Belgian economy is hurting. Despite this, their spirit remains strong and united with a splash of comic relief. “Make Waffles, Not War” (found on the tribute site for the victims of Brussels attacks)


So go out and make friends with a Belgian. You won’t be disappointed. You might even be considered cool by association. (⌐■_■)



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