Ten Belles: Beauty is in the Eye of the Coffee Holder

Imagine walking into a ca… Wow! They have baristas like that… (。♥‿♥。)


Ten Belles

[10 rue de la Grange aux Belles, 75010 (Paris, France; 10th district)]

Ten Belles is the café muse of Thomas Lehoux: a protégé of Le Caféothèque. But don’t let his sweet, doe-eyed look fool you. In 5 short years, he went from barista to cafe owner (2012) to co-founder of the roasting empire, Belleville Brûlerie – Paris (2013). Stuff of coffee legends.

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Quality of Service:

Served by two devilishly handsome baristas. ‘Nuff said. Don’t believe me?

Quality of Product:

I ordered un café noisette (similar to a macchiato, but with steamed milk instead of foam) for 3 euro (~380 yen, 4.50 dollars), and my dear friend (and French teacher) had a cappuccino for 4 euro (~500 yen, 5.50 dollars).

The espresso of the day: La Piramide; a Belleville Brûlerie blend from Cauca, Colombia with a nice acidic kick. The current filter: Chelelektu Naturel; also a Belleville blend from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia with notes of red fruits and chocolate.

image2 (1)

Quality of Atmosphere:

Ten Belles is appropriately located in Saint-Martin of Paris, otherwise known as Hipsters Paradise. You can smell the combat boot/Ray Ban clad 20-somethings lounging along the river bank and riding fixed-gear bicycles before exiting the metro. And is that American and Australian accents I hear!?! This place might be counter-culture international, but Parisians make it look trop cool. [*sidenote: I thought about delving deeper into indie culture, but that would require parting with my cat tights and Okayama-themed Hello Kitty socks, and I’m just not ready for that type of commitment.]

image2 (2)

This two-tiered café is petit (a few tables upstairs, a handful downstairs, and an adhoc table outside), but comfortable enough for meeting a friend or two. We studied French (well.. more like I attempted to speak in French and he listened to me mar it; Sorry, Arty! ><) for just over an hour and didn’t feel pressured to hurry off the premises.


Last Remarks:

Would I return? *play GIF of lovestruck Ariel. …For their coffee, of course ^_−☆ Yea… just the coffee…

Comfort Rating:


four out of five



Helpful Coffee Tips:

If you come to France, you will need to know how to order coffee en français.

  • Start with one of the following:
    • Je vais prendre ~
    • Je voudrais ~
    • Pour moi, ce sera ~
  • Then, order your drink of choice:
    • un café/ un espresso/ un express/ un petit noir = espresso
    • un café double/ un double espresso = double espresso
    • un café serré/ un ristretto = short shot of espresso
    • un café allongé = long shot of espresso
    • un café américain = Americano
    • un café filtre = filtered coffee
    • un café noisette = cortado
    • un café crème = flat white
    • un cappuccino = cappuccino
    • un café moka = cafe mocha
  • Don’t forget to say please and thank you:
    • s’il vous plaît
    • merci

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